Legends Platinum 10 Pack

Legends Platinum 10 Pack

Ten exciting games packed with drama, mystery and intrigue (See all)

Ten exciting games packed with drama, mystery and intrigue. 1,000’s of hidden objects, puzzles and games. Use your detective skills to solve a mysterious crime wave. Search scenes for hidden clues, decipher puzzles and stop an evil wizard from destroying the city.

Features :

- Stunning Effects
- Elaborate stories
- Cinematic scenes
- Movie quality sound

Actual users' questions

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  • Question: The revenge stuck on the game. Can't finish the game although I have gone up to the birds. Can't find the clouds. Can you help?

    There is no walkthrough for this game pack. You will have to take advantage of the hints provided in game. The official developer doesn't provide ways to bypass the levels within the game. This is the only way to bypass the levels of the game.

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